What We Do

How we make impact

Empowering marginalized students to discover their full potential.

We are passionate about helping marginalized young people in rural parts of Nigeria discover their full potential. We achieve this through various academic programs and training aimed at character-building and all-round development. Our series of programs are geared towards developing our beneficiaries and rewarding academic excellence.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

University Scholarship

We provide scholarships to students in different levels of education degree including paying for WAEC, university tuition and so on. This is to ensure exceptional students further their education and ensure their dreams are not truncated due to lack of funds.

Infrastructural Support

We provide schools with infrastructural support to ensure students can access relevant materials for a well-rounded learning experience. We do this by equipping their libraries and ICT rooms with relevant materials such as books, computers, laptops, etc.


Beyond granting the children access to education, we are passionate about seeing them excel in other areas. This is why they go through mentorship sessions and training. This is to provide teachers and students alike with an impactful learning experience.

Our Current Project

We are providing financial support to over 200 students through Project Emanio